The bat rule was voted on at our last meeting. Majority voted that the bat rule for JUNIORS in our area 2  Schuylkill All Stars will remain the same as it was all year long. The two teams that win and will be representing the Schuylkill League in the State Tournament will have to go by the VFW bat rules in the State Tournament  which is BB CORE stamp on -7 or -6 or -5 or -4 or -3. The only one I can find for sale is BB Core -3. All wooden bats do not have to have a BB Core stamp. The JUNIOR COACHES voted on this rule.

The junior allstar state tournament in Pottsville and the Senior allstar tournament in Mount Union will have the following rule. NO CERAMIC BATS, NO DOUBLE WALL BATS or aluminum bats that do not have a BB Core stamp on it. If it has a BB Core stamp its ok.  Wood bats are ok and ALL other bats have to have a BB CORE stamp on the bat. JUNIORS are up to a minus 7,  if you can find any.  I am told that Louisville makes a BBCore -5 . If not then the Juniors will have to use a minus 3. Seniors must use wood bats or BBcore stamped bats up to a minus 5. If you can find any.
John Chuma

Area 2 pitching rules are the same as the 13-14 VFW state tournament. 
Eight innings maximum per day. Twelve innings maximum in a three day period. Three day period begins on the day when the pitcher first pitched. If maximum innings have been pitched in the three day period, a pitcher will have innings returned to him/her on the fourth day. They will only get back the innings pitched on the first day. Subsequent days will have innings returned per innings pitched that day.

The 13-14 Area 2 tournament  bat sizes will remain as in the Regular Season. VFW rule is "no greater differential than a -7." Double-wall and Composite bats not certified "BB-Core Certified" are illegal.

Round Robin Standings

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