The junior all-star state tournament in Pottsville and the Senior all-star tournament in Mount Union will have the following rule: NO CERAMIC BATS, NO DOUBLE WALL BATS or aluminum bats that do not have a BB Core stamp on it. If it has a BB Core stamp its ok.  Wood bats are ok and ALL other bats have to have a BB CORE stamp on the bat. JUNIORS are up to a minus 7,  if you can find any.  I am told that Louisville makes a BBCore -5 . If not then the Juniors will have to use a minus 3. Seniors must use wood bats or BBcore stamped bats up to a minus 5. If you can find any.
John Chuma

Area 2 pitching rules are the same as the 15-16 VFW state tournament. Nine innings maximum per day. Fourteen (14) innings maximum in a three day period. Three day period begins on the day when the pitcher first pitched. If maximum innings have been pitched in the three day period, a pitcher will have innings returned to him/her on the fourth day. They will only get back the innings pitched on the first day. Subsequent days will have innings returned per innings pitched that day.

The 15-16 Area 2 tournament (and VFW) rule is "no greater differential than a -5." Double-wall and Composite bats not certified "BB-Core Certified" are illegal.

Round-Robin Standings

    Team                                        Wins                             Losses

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