Schuylkill Teener League

The next regular season meeting of the Schuylkill Teener League will be held on Sunday 3 April 2016. The meeting will be held at the AMVETS in Pottsville, beginning at 6:00pm. Junior managers are required to attend this meeting.


                                                                                                            13 March 2016


        Minutes of the 3/13/2016 meeting:

  1. The President, John Chuma, called the meeting to order.
  2. Roll was taken with Schuylkill Haven and Schuylkill Valley being absent.
  3. By-Laws, Revision and discussion.                                                                                                                                                                                              Fees & Fines Section 5 rewritten to include full pitchers name, total innings pitched for all pitchers and ejections.                                                              Suspensions Section 1 rewritten sentence concerning “sliding rule suspension” to include “review by League President.”
  4. Boundaries Section 3 deleted paragraphs 1 & 2 and rephrasing of paragraph 3. It is the understanding of the League that if a player is “cut” by his second team, he can return to his original team to try out again. Remember, we will not deny a boy or girl to play somewhere in Teener baseball. That statement is why we are all involved in promoting Teener baseball.
  5. Game Rules Section 7 use of PIAA umpires.                      
  6. Section 10 Rest Period Rules, paragraph 1 rewritten to change hours to days.
  7. Scheduled Games Section 1 added paragraph to allow for games that are played “under the lights.”                                                                                 Section 4 added paragraph 2 concerning High School playoffs. 
  8. Playoff Game Rules 1- changed to 2 days and 2- changed to 2 days.
  9. Treasurers Report presented verbally by Treasurer, Dave Pedron.                                                                                                                                                  a) motion to accept the report by Cressona and a second to the motion by Orwigsburg.                                                                                                                  Vote to approve the report was unanimous.
  10. Old Business, President Chuma informed the membership that the revised By-Laws are posted on the Managers Website. Managers and coaches must update the State police and Child Abuse reporting. Team Insurance contact: NASF, Joanna Lynch at 727-398-0506.
  11. V.F.W. all-star tournament for 13-14 years old will be held in Pottsville beginning July 23, 2016.
  12. V.F.W. all-star tournament for 15-16 years old will be held beginning July 30, 2016 at a site to be determined.
  13. Tournament discussion concerning 13-14 being held in Pottsville. If DeAngelo’s directs and runs the concession stand will they be able to keep the profits? Otherwise, thy will not be responsible for the concession direction and operation. Will we be responsible for supplying “supper” for the teams? Other Area’s do not supply supper was the report of some of the managers who participated in other area tournaments.                                                    
  14. Each organization will be responsible $150 for Ad’s for the Tournament book. Reimbursement maybe possible if enough ad’s are sold.
  15. New business Vice President Jack Zelwalk, after being contacted by several managers, proposed a revising of the Junior League pitching rest period        pitching rules. His proposal of 2 days rest for 5 and/or 6 innings pitched in one game. Also proposed, 3 days rest for 7 innings pitched in one game. Discussion followed to clarify one pitch in an inning constitutes a full inning pitched.                                                                                                                                                                           Motion to accept the proposal was made by Tamaqua and a second to the motion was made by DeAngelo’s.                                                                              A vote to approve the motion was unanimous.
  16. A question was raised concerning the start of a 13 year old league. After discussion, it was determined that there was insufficient interest to proceed with the start of the new league.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Dave Toth will gladly schedule games for teams who want to participate in such “extra” games for their players.
  17. Should the league require 12 man rosters for Junior teams? Managers feel it is not feasible to require a set amount of players on a roster due to differing numbers for each organization.                                                                                                                                                                                                    This will also threaten the League’s stance on all boys and girls should be afforded the opportunity to play Teener baseball.  
  18. Birth certificates for new players and rosters will be validated at the meeting prior to the opening of the Junior season. 
  19. President Chuma is to meet with a Legion official to discuss Dual Rosters for players. Pitching rules were discussed.
  20. League will use 4 divisions for all star play only. One division will determine the seeding for the League playoffs. The newspapers will report only one division. Dave Toth will review the playoff format for possible revisions. Tiebreakers may be moot since division play has no bearing on League standings. New tiebreakers may have to be established. 
  21. A question was asked about using on two divisions for all star play. We would eliminate 30 players using that format. Answer: No.
  22. Managers approval of a 16 game Senior schedule with one week, in the seasons middle, having 4 games. The free week will allow for make-up games. A 17 game Junior schedule is tentative at this time.
  23. Can Junior Legion players play Teener League? Some managers believe they cannot play both. President Chuma will contact VFW Director Fred Gonzalez for his position on the matter.
  24. League fees must be paid by no later than the meeting to validate rosters.
  25. Dates will be established for upcoming League meetings. Junior meeting 3 April 2016 at 6:00pm.
  26. Motion to adjourn meeting made by DeAngelo’s and a second was made by Cressona. Meeting adjourned.

 John Chuma, League President

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Junior Division Managers Meeting April 3, 2016 @ AMVETS, Pottsville, PA


1. Meeting called to order by President John Chuma

2. Roll taken with all organizations represented.

3. Minutes of prior Senior meeting read by the Secretary.

4. Discussion of pitching rules:

    a) difficult to keep track of innings

    b) a pitcher can throw 4 innings every day but if 5 or 6 innings is pitched in one day, they must rest 2 calendar days. For example: a

        pitcher throws 5 or 6 innings on Tuesday requires him to rest 2 days. He is not eligible to pitch again until Friday.  

    c) a pitcher throws 7 innings in one day, he must rest for 3 days.

    d) 1 pitch in an inning is considered a full inning.

    e) Teener league officials and managers agree it is in our interest to regulate rest periods to protect young arms.

    f) a pitcher pitching in both divisions must abide by Junior Game Rules for rest periods.

6. Bats

    a) can use Little League bats

    b) cannot use Little League bats in Senior Division games.

7. Balls must be of a decent caliber avoiding "nickel-rockets." At least one new ball must be used to begin a game.

8. An explanation of alternates used in Junior games was made by Jack Zelwalk and John Chuma. Please refer to Junior Division

    Game Rules for further clarification.

    a) each team must have a roster containing at least 9 thirteen year old players for the Junior Division playoffs. Fifteen year old

        alternate players are disqualified from participation in Junior Division playoffs. Fifteen year old players cannot be rostered for 

        Junior Division playoffs.

7. Game scores and pitcher information must be phoned to Joe Selinko at his home phone or phoned and texted to his cell phone

    no later than 10:00pm of the day of the game. 

    a) first and last name of pitcher with innings pitched included with the game score 

        1) any and all ejections

    b) a no call will result in a fine

8. Umpires

    a) they must be at least 18 years old

    b) do not use an umpire if a player is a relation to said umpire

    c) Joe Gerchak can be utilized to schedule umpires for games

9. VFW State 13-14 Tournament will be held in Area 2 this July. 

    a) @ Pottsville beginning Saturday July 23 and concluding on Tuesday July 26, 2016

    b) VFW Senior Tournament (15-16) will be the following week beginning Saturday and concluding Tuesday

    c) please suggest to all players that vacations should not be taken during the month of July or the first week of August.

10. Divisions for all star apllication is as follows:

    a) North - Frackville, Girardville, Mahanoy City, Shenandoah

    b) South - Cressona, Hometown Mkt, Orwigsburg, Schuylkill Have, West Penn

    c) West - DeAngelo Black, DeAngelo Crimson, Schuylkill Valley, Valley Athletic, Wittig

11. The all star manager will be for each division will be the team with the best record. 

    a) if a manager does not want to coach the team it will fall to the second best record in the division and so on down the line

12. Send email addresses to John Chuma.

13. Joe Selinko monitors boundaries and any violation which may occur during the season.

14. Teams should confirm games and times in Tamaqua.

15. All scheduled games must be played or fines will be imposed.

16. Rosters:

    a) master roster with alternates designated - 3 per team

    b) copy of roster for each team

    c) add Little League players to roster after Little League season is completed

17. Junior season begins Saturday, May 14, 2016

18. Background checks must be presented to John Chuma. Coaches are not permitted to participate in any team activities until a 

      physical hardcopy has been received by the Schuylkill Teener League. The Child Abuse address is

19. Motion to adjourn was made by Tamaqua and second to the motion was made by Cressona. Meeting adjourned.

John Chuma, League President

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Teener Roster Submission Meeting 5/1/2016 @ AMVETS, Pottsville, PA


1. Meeting called to order by President John Chuma.

2. Roll taken with all organizations represented.

3. A brief Treasurer's report was presented by Dave Pedron. The League coffer has a beginning balance of $8,173.32. A motion to 

    accept the report was made by Cressona and second to the motion was made by Hegins. Report accepted by the membership.

4. Area 2 will host the VFW State 13-14 Tournament.

    a) beginning Saturday July 23 and concluding Tuesday July 26

    b) a second field is needed for tournament play

    c) a tournament meeting will be held Sunday May 15, 2016 beginning @ AMVETS, Pottsville beginning @ 6:00pm

        1) each organization is required to attend this meeting

        2) committees will be established and each organization will be assigned to a committee

    d) VFW will contribute at least $2,500 to Area 2 to help offset costs

    e) need to control spending especially where the sale of t-shirts are concerned

    f) each organization will be assessed $150 for ads. You can sell $150 in ads or pay $150 to cover your assessment

5. A discussion was held concerning the conflict of the State 13-14 tournament with the Area 2, 15-16 all star tournament.

    a) a suggestion was made to play the 15-16 Area 2 tournament prior to the start of the VFW State 13-14 tournament. A decision 

        will be forthcoming.

6. Paul Wike, Pine Grove, asked if any information was forthcoming concerning the Legion problem presented at the prior Senior

    managers meeting. John Chuma replied that he had called and, also emailed, Scott Mattea. As of this meeting he had made no

    response. The League will proceed with the current language in the By-Laws dealing with issues of the Dual Roster. This applies

    to roster and pitching concerns.

7. League officials validated rosters at the conclusion of the new business.

John Chuma, League President

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Special League Meeting 5/15/2016 at the AMVETS, Pottsville

1. Meeting called to order by President John Chuma.

2. Playoff seeding (Junior & Senior Division) and tournament preparation meeting will be held Sunday, June 26 beginning at 7:00pm at    the AMVETS, Pottsville.

3. The membership was informed by the representatives from Cressona they can host the Area 2, 13-14 All-Star tournament. Two games will be played in Branch (Llwellyn) with 1 game Thursday, July14 and 1 game Friday, July 15.

4. Game times will be determined by the VFW President.

5. Pottsville manager, Joe Selinko, informed the membership he is required to have games start at 7:00pm at the 16th Street complex in Pottsville. His statement was in reference to the starting time posted and spoken by President Chuma. President Chuma believes it is an advantage to the Pottsville teams because they play their games "under the lights." Selinko's response was that every year, since the lights were installed, the times have always been at 7:00pm and precedent dictates the times should not be changed. President Chuma asked Joe to see if the "powers to be" would consider the 5:30pm start times for games to be played in Pottsville.

6. Vice President Jack Zelwalk made a presentation concerning the upcoming VFW State 13-14 All-Star Tournament to be played in Pottsville:

   a) John Chuma will be the Commissioner for the VFW tournament.

   b) Tournament coordinators will be the League Officers and Joe Selinko.

   c) Field maintenance schedules will be directed by Joe Selinko. He will ask for volunteers but will schedule organizations if necessary. He will contact organizations concerning this matter. He will determine game by game schedules. If you are scheduled and don't show then your organization will be assessed a fine. We hope it will not come to that because we are all in this together. We are representing our league and its membership.

   d) In the absence of VFW President Gonzalez, rules that need to be addressed will be directed to Chuma, Zelwalk and Selinko.

   e) Concessions will be coordinated by Dave Pedron with the assistance of the managers and parents from the Area 2 teams participating in the VFW tournament. 

   f) Ads will be collected and coordinated by Dave Toth. Full page ads will cost $100, ½ page ads cost $50, ¼ page ads will cost $25 and patron ads will cost $10. Each organization is required to sell $150 in Ads. If you do not, the fee will be assessed to your organization. You can pay a flat fee of $150 in lieu of selling the ads.

   g) Trophies will be ordered by Dave Toth.

   h) Shirts, hats and souvenirs will be in the charge of Scott Swoyer and Tony Moran from Schuylkill Haven. Tables will be set up for these items. The price will be determined according to our cost.

   i) Jerry Tone has volunteered to be the field and game announcer. 

   j) John Chuma will be in charge of the Military Color Guard.

   k) National Anthem singer will be the charge of Tony Moran.

   l) Scoreboard coordinator will be Joe Selinko.

   m) Official scorer will be Dave Toth.

   n) 50-50 tickets will be the charge of Dave Pedron and Jack Zelwalk.

   o) Umpire coordinators will be Joe Gerchak and John Chuma.

7. Problems arising in the Junior Division should only be addressed to Jack Zelwalk. Do not call John Chuma.

8. John Chuma informed Cressona their name does not appear on the Insurance Form. Hegins has the same problem. Cressona stated they include the Borough but they are insured. Jim Wallbillich will address the issue.

9. If teams need to move games due to High School playoffs, contact John Chuma and Joe Selinko.

10. Reminder to call in scores to Joe Selinko for Senior games and Tony Moran for Junior games. Instructions for Senior score reporting is posted on the Managers website. Tony Moran posted an email to all managers concerning the reporting of game scores. It is also posted on the managers website.

11. Meeting adjourned by President Chuma.

John Chuma, President Schuylkill Teener League

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Junior Division Playoff and All-Star Special Meeting - June 26, 2016

1. Meeting called to order by John Chuma, League President

2. Roll Call taken with all teams being present.

3. Division winners announced for all-star purposes: Schuylkill Valley, Branch, Frackville, and Schuylkill Haven.

4. All-star managers are the division winners.

5. Playoff seeds were announced. Playoff games for the 15th and 16th seeds will be played on June 28 beginning at 5:30pm. Orwigsburg vs Hometown Market @ Dutch Hill and Shenandoah vs Valley Athletic @ MaryD. 

6. List of games was announced to begin Junior Division Championship Tournament beginning June 29 with the Championship Round either July 2, or July 3rd.

7. Pitching rules remain the same as in the regular season.

8. Home team is responsible for two game balls and game collections which are to be returned to the league. 

9. League will pay for the services of the umpires.

10. Area 2 pitching rules are the same as the 13-14 VFW state tournament. Eight innings maximum per dayTwelve innings maximum in a three day period. Three day period begins on the day when the pitcher first pitched. If maximum innings have been pitched in the three day period, a pitcher will have innings returned to him/her on the fourth day. They will only get back the innings pitched on the first day. Subsequent days will have innings returned per innings pitched that day.

11. Schedule of all-star games was announced and a hard copy given as a handout.

12. Bat sizes were discussed with a clarification given concerning Area 2 and VFW by-laws. The 13-14 Area 2 tournament bat sizes will remain the same as in the regular season (and VFW) rule is "no greater than a -7." Double-wall and Composite bats not certified "BB-Core Certified" are illegal. Some managers requested the use of little league bats for some players. A motion to use the Regular Season rules was made by Valley Athletic with a second to the motion by DeAngelo's. A vote was taken with the motion passing with 13 yea's and 4 nay's. 

13. The two teams who will represent Area 2 are required to provide a list parents and or volunteers to work on the field or concession stand during the 13-14 Area 2 tournament in Cressona. 

14. Senior managers should have Ad's and money returned to the league by July 10.

15. Pottsville requires help during the VFW 13-14 state tournament. Concessions will be worked by and monies returned to the league. We ask help from all non-all-star teams, PLEASE!

16. Two games of the 13-14 VFW tournament will be played in Middleport. 

17. Area 2 and VFW tournament play allows only the manager to argue or question an umpires judgement. This is a zero tolerance situation. Umpires will be informed to eject coaches who question or argue judgements.

18. Tamaqua announced that they will be sponsoring "Fall Baseball" this fall. Interested teams should contact Jim Akins.

19. Managers paired off to select all-star teams.

20. Meeting Adjourned.

John Chuma, President, Schuylkill Teener League

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                   Rules Committee Meeting 8/28/2016 @ AMVETS, Pottsville, PA

1. Members present: John Chuma, Jack Zelwalk, Dave Toth, Dave Pedron, Ed Vaz.

2. Financial report for the State Tournament (Pottsville) was presented by Dave Pedron.

3. $150 was received from all teams. Reimburse teams. Teams who did not help with the tournament will have $50 deducted from their    

    League fees while teams who helped will have $100 deducted from their League Fees.

4. Phone calls have been received concerning the length of the Senior season.

5. A proposal was made concerning the League Champion playing the Lebanon Champion.

6. A discussion was held concerning the Junior League playoffs. After some debate it was agreed to leave the format as it is.

7. All Star teams must wear League supplied all star uniforms.

Special Rules Meeting / Ashland Request to Re-enter League 

1. Pat Cooney, Ashland, informed the committee Ashland will re-implement their Teener program for 2017.

2. Committee questioned Pat, "Why after so many years?" It has been several years since anyone from Ashland attended meetings.

3. Committee must weigh the impact on Girardville's program.

4. Explained to Pat the choice grand-fathered players would have if such a program would be implemented.

5. Ashland has strong numbers who wish to play in Ashland.

6. Ashlands would use the old Ashland High School field or Cardinal Brennan's field.

7. A private discussion was held among the committee to weigh the implications of the impact on Girardville.

Rules Committee Meeting 1/8/2017 @ AMVETS, Pottsville, PA

1. Members present: John Chuma, Jack Zelwalk, Joe Selinko, Tony Moran, Mick Jacavage, and Ed Vaz.

2. All star teams representing Schuylkill Teener League are required to wear the League provided uniforms for the State All Star                              

    Tournaments. The East All Team did not attire themselves with the League All Star uniforms during the State Tournament. 

    The By-Laws have been amended to reflect this requirement of every All Star team. The rule is under "State All Star - League - County 

    Championship Play:" Section 11.

3. A discussion was held concerning the use of Little League bats in Junior Division Games. Tony Moran said that it should be                 

    required that teams use only BB Core bats and that a -10 could be used in Junior games. 

    *John Chuma's research discovered that there is no bats in this range and a -3 is the lowest that is manufactured. 

4. A discussion was held concerning the American Legion's request that Schuylkill Teener League amend the language for the Double

    Roster in the Teener By-Laws. The issue being the use of pitchers in Legion and Teener games. After much debate, it was decided to  

    present the Legion's proposal to the membership. Legion will be using a pitch count for their games.

5. Meeting adjourned.

League Meeting January 15, 2017 @ AMVETS, Pottsville

1. Meeting called to order by President John Chuma.

2. Roll taken with all teams present.

3. A discussion was held concerning the Legion's request to amend the Schuylkill Teener By-Laws concerning the Double Roster


    a) membership voted to allow the opening of the By-laws to propose changes to the use of pitchers between Legion and Teener

        with the stipulation that said changes to the language would require final approval of the membership.

    b) the vote was 12 yeah and 2 votes nay. The nay votes were cast by Schuylkill Haven and Branch-Minersville.

    c) a meeting will be conducted with the League rules committee and representatives from the Berks-Schuylkill Legion League on 

        Thursday, January 26 in Pottsville.

4. Junior Division Rules: 

    a) only the top 16 teams will qualify for the Junior Division Championship. They will be decided after the tie-breakers are finalized.

    b) the By-Laws have been amended to reflect the rule: added under - "State All Star - League - County Championship Play:"

        Section 12.

5. Player Ejection, "Suspensions," will be amended to read, "Both managers are required to report the incident (ejection) to the League

    President on the same day it occurred. By-Laws will reflect this addition.

6. A discussion was held on rest periods for innings pitched and an addition of "Pitch counts." 

    a) most teams in favor

    b) tabled until the next meeting.

7. Meeting adjourned.

Rules Committee Meeting with Berks/Legion Officers January 26, 2017 @ AMVETS, Pottsville

1. Members present, John Chuma, Jack Zelwalk, Dave Toth, Dave Pedron, Joe Selinko, MIck Jacavage, Tony Moran, Ed Vaz.

2. Final discussion was held with Teener and Legion representatives concerning the amending of the Dual Participation

    Agreement between the two Leagues.

    a) scenarios with solutions and resolutions were inferred by both parties. Mutual agreement has been attained in areas deemed


    b) if a player quits Teener to play Legion the solution is as follows: if he is released to play by the Teener manager - no penalty

        to the Legion manager will be implemented.

    c) if a player is not released by the Teener manager - said player cannot play Legion games on the nights Teener League is playing.

        If the Legion manager plays that player nonetheless, he will be sanctioned by Legion baseball.

    d) Legion will honor Teener League rest periods. The Teener manager is not required to give a pitch count when he pitches in Teener 

        League games but must report innings pitched. In the best interest of cooperation between the two leagues, the Teener manager,

        though not required, should report the "pitch count of said pitcher," to the Legion manager.

3. Rules Committee Meeting:

    a) President Chuma informed the committee that Little League bats will no longer be allowed in Junior Division games.

    b) Double-Wall and Ceramic bats are also not allowed.

    c) bats up to a -3 are the only bats allowed in Junior Division games.

4. Rest Periods proposal:

    a) Maximum innings per week (Monday to Sunday midnight weekly period) is fourteen (14) innings.

    b) Five (5) or Six (6) innings pitched in one (1) day requires two (2) days rest. Rest period supercedes Weekly period.

    c) Seven (7) innings pitched in one (1) day requires three (3) days rest. Rest period supercedes Weekly period.

    d) use of pitch counts for the upcoming season were discussed and will be addressed at the next regular league meeting.

5. Scores to be phoned or text messaged to Joe Selinko in the required time frame (prior to 10:00pm when a game has been played).    

    Innings pitched and pitch counts, if approved by the membership, can be emailed or text messaged within 24 hours to Tony Moran or 

    Dave Toth.

    Only scores are to be reported to Joe Selinko for inclusion in the next days newspaper.

6. Meeting adjourned.

League Meeting March 22, 2017 @ AMVETS Pottsville, PA

1. Meeting called to order by President John Chuma.

2. Roll taken with all team organizations being present. 

3. Treasurers report was made by Dave Pedron. A verbal vote was taken by the membership to accept the Treasurers Report.

4. Minutes of past Rules Committee and League meetings from 8/26/2016 to the present were read by Dave Toth. A verbal vote to accept

    the minutes of the meetings was not taken at that time.

5. A Roll Call of the teams who will enter play in the Senior Division was taken by Jack Zelwalk. All organizations will have at least one

    team with DeAngelo's, Frackville, Schuylkill Valley, and Tamaqua entering two teams.

6. A Roll Call of Junior teams entering play was taken. Cressona, Mahanoy City, and Schuylkill Valley will not enter a team into play.

7. League Fees for the 2017 year will remain the same. Senior teams will be $300 and Junior teams $100.

8. Organizations who helped with the State Tournament will have a deduction of $100 of their league fees while organizations who did not  

    help with State Tournament will have $50 deducted from their League Fees.  

9. Managers and coaches who have not had their background checks started may due so immediately. The checks last for five years.

10. A report on bat sizes for league players was made by John Chuma. No Little League bats will be allowed in league play.

11. Senior League Transitional bats will be allowed in league play with a  -5 and -8 the only sizes allowed for Junior Division games.

12. Section 23 of the League By-Laws was amended to reflect the decision of the membership.

13. The State Tournament dates are as follows: 15-16 at Clearfield 7/29 to 8/1, 13-14 at State College 7/22 to 7/25.

14. Pitch counts and the Legion requests was presented to the membership but will not be recorded in this writing of the minutes.

      The debate on the Legion requests, other than the reporting of pitch counts to the Legion managers, was unproductive & divisive.

15. A motion to remove the requirement of throwing four pitches for an Intentional Walk was made by DeAngelo's Joe Selinko. After

      some debate a second to the motion was made by Schuylkill Valley's Tony Cromyak. A vote was taken and the motion passed by

      a count of 8 yeas and 6 nays. The By-Laws will be amended to reflect the memberships vote.

16. Section 19 of the By-Laws has been amended to reflect the vote of the membership.

17. The Junior Division will be made up of either 3 divisions of 4 teams, if only 12 teams enter play, or 3 divisions of 5, 5, & 4 if 14

       teams enter play.

18. The Senior division schedule will be 17 games after a motion made by Joe Sporz of Branch, and a second to the motion by Tony

      Moran, led to a vote which passed unanimously.  

19. The President recognized the great performance of the Schuylkill West players, manager, and coaches who won the State 15-16

      All Star Tournament. 

20. Some realignment of the Senior League divisions were debated and eventually established. A motion to accept the realignment

      was made by DeAngelo's Joe Selinko with a second to the motion was made by Shenandoah. The motion passed unanimously.

      The North Division comprises Frackville (2), Girardville, Mahanoy City, Schuylkill Haven, and Shenandoah.

      The East Division comprises DeAngelo's (2), Schuylkill Valley (2), Tamaqua (2).

      The West Division comprises Branch, Cressona, Hegins, Orwigsburg, Pine Grove, and Williams Valley.

21. Pine Grove will host a Junior Division tournament beginning 4/17 to 4/23 @ $75/team. Contact Dale Legarth 570-527-0969.

22. Junior managers meeting will be April 5 beginning 7:00pm at the AMVETS in Pottsville.

23. Managers will need 18 copies of their roster when the Roster Validation meeting is held prior to the beginning of the Regular


24. John Chuma will advise the membership when the next League meeting will take place. 

25. Meeting was adjourned.


Junior Managers Meeting 7:00pm, April 5, 2017 @ AMVETS, Pottsville        

1. Meeting called to order by President John Chuma.

2. Roll taken. Orwigsburg absent.

3. Vice President Jack Zelwalk explained several Junior rules for the benefit of new managers and coaches.

    a) all Junior teams will qualify the Junior Championship in 2017 due to only 13 teams entered this year.

    b) game times are as follows: Saturday 11:00am {unless specified otherwise}, Tuesday & Thursday 6:00pm.

    c) Junior division is bound by Senior regulations except where posted in the Junior Rules or By-Laws.

    d) bat regulations were explained by John Chuma: Senior division - BB Core -3; Junior's Transitional League @ -5 or -8.

    e) metal spikes allowed in league play.

    f) balks are enforced in Junior division games.

    g) intentional walks - need only inform the umpire of your desire to walk him intentionally with no pitches thrown.

    h) email or text scores, pitchers first & last name, and innings pitched by all pitchers to Tony Moran.

    i) include first & last name of all players on the lineup card presented to the opposing manager.

    j) winning team is responsible for reporting scores and pitching information.

    k) only managers are allowed to argue with an umpire. Coaches and players are forbidden to argue with umpires.

4. A question was raised by Dale Legarth concerning whether or not the issue of pitch counts and rest periods, which was tabled on 

    January 15, 2017, would be discussed at this meeting. John Chuma informed the membership that the Rules Committee had 

    revised the rest periods and voted against using pitch counts at this time. 

    a) Maximum innings per week (Monday to Sunday midnight weekly period) is fourteen (14) innings.

    b) Five (5) innings pitched in one (1) day requires two (2) days rest. Rest period supercedes Weekly period.

    c) Six (6) or Seven (7) innings pitched in one (1) day requires three (3) days rest. Rest period supercedes Weekly period.

5. Dave Pedron asked the managers to call ahead to confirm your game for that day. It is not required to do so but it has its merits.

6. In case of inclement weather, please call the manager & Jack Zelwalk as soon as possible. Tony Moran must also be notified so

    he can calculate his pitching requirements.

7. The Roster Validation meeting will be held on May 3, 2017 beginning at 7:00pm at the AMVETS in Pottsville.

8. All Star competition will be as follows: North (Frackville, Girardville, Mahanoy City, & Shenandoah); South (Tamaqua 1 & 2,

    Cressona, & Orwigsburg); East (DeAngelo's 1 & 2, Sch Haven, & Sch Valley); West (Branch, Hegins, Pine Grove, & Williams


9. The manager of the team with the best record in each division will manage the all-star team.

10. The 2017 Area 2 13-14 All Star tournament will be held in Llewellyn and hosted by Branch.

11. In the event you need to move or cancel a game, please contact Tony Moran.

12. Because some towns are not having a Junior team, a question was raised concerning how to select players from that team.

      It was requested that managers from those teams should submit a list of eligible players so a determination could be made

      at the All Star selection meeting. 

13. Meeting adjourned.



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