Games as of 5/8/2018

Sch. Haven: 6 (Cole Canfield 7in, Next Available 5/12; Josh Mcunas 1in) - PG Red: 5 (Logan Zimmerman 5in, Next Available 5/11; Dalton Geesey 3in)

Hegins: 7 (Devin Wertz 7in, Next Available 5/12) - West Penn: 1 (Gavin Semko 3in, Tony Coccio 3in)

PG Gray- 16 (Gavin Umbenhauer 3in; AJ Koppenhaver 1in) - Schuylkill Valley: 1 (Brady Terasavage 3in; Cameron Strauss 1in)

Frackville- 11 (Jeff Markosky 5in, Next Available 5/11; Anthony Guerrero 2in) - Shenandoah: 10 (Luke Matta 4in; Kaleb Miksimik 2in)

Branch:14 (Johnny Adams 5in, Next Available 5/11; Koda Whalen 1in) - WV: 4 (Branden Shadle 3in; Brent Houser 2in; Isic Whiteash 3in; Nick Joseph 1in)

Games on 5/10/18

Hegins: 14 (Brody Smith 3in; Jake Teitsworth 3in) - Sch. Haven: 3 (Bryce Lesher 4in; Josh Macuras 2in) F/6

West Penn: 9 (Michael Steigerwalt 5in, Next Available 5/13; Mason Moyer) - Branch: 7 (Brock Polinsky 5in, Next Available 5/13; Tyler Novak 1in, Conner Beck 1in)

Shenandoah: 6 (Nicholas Mikita 7in, Next Available 5/14) - Sch. Valley: 2 (T. Conrad 4in; B. Terrasavage 1in)

Williams Valley: 18 - Frackville: 2

Pottsville KK&O: 1 - PG Gray: 1  Top of 3rd

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